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Conserv is a smart trading solution purchase needs of industrial consumables in the manufacturing world, leveraging the power of consolidated buying.


    Organised Inventory

    Our inventory list gives you the advantage of comparing between the prices at which you buy and the prices at which we offer you the same products. We provide you a lean and organised inventory of all your purchases.


    Leveraged Products

    We reduce the over all expenses of your consumable and indirect purchases through offering you leveraged products. We give you the best market prices across the nation for all your goods and we make sure that your costs stay down and keep reducing further as our volumes increase due to collective buying. We guarantee a cost reduction of from 10 to 25% on monthly consumable expenditure.


    Hassle Free Delivery

    We manage most of your consumable purchases and deliver to you your goods at your doorstep on a single day with a single bill. Your buying will be systematic and organized and the leaks will be reduced.