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Why Us

No one in the industry gives you a bespoke solution and our prices are aggressively competent. We believe your focus needs to be on manufacturing and not purchasing. We pledge to keep your focus where it belongs, let us worry about your quintessential nitty grit ties :)

We take the pain out of the industrial consumable purchase system, and through our smart processes and solutions we ensure a positive and profitable change in the balance sheets of our customers.

Conserv Process

Multiple Factories

Various Consumable Requirements from
various industries

Multiple Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Department of all Factories forward
their request to Conserv

Conserv acts as a Single Point Vendor

Conserv does Collective Negotiation and offers the Best Price and Qualtiy Assurance

Single Purchase Order

Single Approval from
Senior Management (CEO/MD/Promoters)

Delievered at your doorstep with a single bill

  • Single Bill
  • One Consolidated Shipment
  • Single Day Delivery
  • One Time Freight Charges for multiple Consumables

Existing Process

Your Factory

Various Consumable Requirements

  • office supplies
  • electricals
  • power tools
  • safety
  • welding

Multiple Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Department

Multiple Vendors for Multiple Consumables

No Price Reduction from Vendors

Multiple Purchase Orders

Awaiting Multiple Approvals from Senior Management (CEO/MD/Promoters)

Once Approved, Multiple Deliveries on Multiple Dates from Various Vendors

  • Time Waste
  • Unorganized Consumable Purchases
  • No Price Leverage
  • De-Focusing Activities for Management


Single Point Vendor

Once you are with us you no longer need to rely on multiple vendors for your consumables . We will take care of most of your consumable purchases.


Single Bill

We understand that signing multiple bills for small purchase orders is a pain. Therefore we create a single consolidated bill for you, saving time and hassle.


Single Date of Delieveries

Due to centralised purchasing with us we ensure all your monthly consumables reach your doorstep on a single day or bi monthly, however you please. No more multiples deliveries from multiple vendors.


Cost Reduction

As Conserv adds more and more clients everyday, it is increasing purchase volumes due to which it not only gets you cheaper goods but the prices keep on reducing further and further as we go up in the purchase chain from whole seller to manufacturers.


Consolidated Demand

We purchase collectively for your unit along with many others, therefore the consolidated demand we aggregate gets us bigger discounts than you could single handedly get.


Reducing Leaks

We believe in justified and healthy systems, where our clients get the best products at the best price, a well organised and optimum system of consumable purchase is put in place to reduce all sorts of leaks due to duplication, dead stock, kickbacks, etc.


Advance Payment Terms

We have a system of paying all our vendors in advance or on delivery therefore the supply chain never gets delayed or stuck.